Products for professional detergency in the food sector.

Sectioning Department

1) NOLAT BCS: Removes fat deposits of organic and inorganic origin, proteins of environments and equipment. Active foaming chlorine. Available in: 10/25 kg cans.

2) SERVICE 101: Concentrated degreaser for equipment and environments. HACCP. Available in: 750ml. Bottles / 12pz.


1) NOLAT BCS: Foaming active alkaline chlorine. Based on sodium hydroxide, for plants and equipment. Suitable HACCP Available in: 10/25 kg tanks.

2) NOLAT AS: Acid-based foam for cleaning equipment and walls. Eliminates fat residues of organic limestone from surfaces. HACCP. Available in: 10/25 kg cans.


1) 2 C: Two-component sanitizing degreaser for floors, cold rooms, walls and rooms used for food handling and processing. Motor vehicles for food transport. Available in: 10/25 kg cans.

2) MONO C: Monocomponent sanitizing degreaser for equipment, floors walls and means of transport. Removes residues of fats of organic origin. HACCP. Available in: 10/25 kg cans.

3) SUPER-SGRASS: Concentrated alkaline detergent for difficult and heavy soils, particularly active porous floors and gres and very dirty surfaces. Available in: 10/25 kg cans.


1) SANI GEN: Multi-purpose sanitizing hydroalcoholic odorless ready to use without rinsing. Does not leave residues, quick and effective, sanitizes all washable surfaces, contact materials, equipment and tools in general. Available in: Fl. 750ml. / Carton 12 pcs.

2) ALL SAN: Multi-purpose sanitizing degreaser, removes organic fats. Suitable for cleaning equipment, furniture and worktops, walls and floors. Contains quaternary ammonium salts. Suitable HACCP. 

3) CLORIKEMA: Effervescent active chlorine tablets used for sanitizing, equipment, floor tools, waste containers. Available in: 1 kg cans / box 6/12 pcs.

Washing in C.I.P

NOLAT BC: alkaline de-scaler active chlorine detergent, suitable for washing plants and equipment. Can be used for immersion, recirculation -C.I.P spraying treatments (with pressure washer and / or tunnel). Available in: 10/25 kg cans.

Washing for foaming

1) NOLAT AS: Acid-based foam for cleaning equipment, floors and walls of food processing industries. Suitable for removing fats and limescale from hard surfaces. Suitable HACCP Available in: 10/25 kg tanks.

2) NOLAT BCS: Alkaline foaming detergent. Based on sodium hydroxide, degreasing eliminates encrustation, disartarizes plants and equipment. HACCP Honor Available in: Tanks. 10/25 kg.