Professional cleaning for the nautical sector.

Cleaning of exteriors, interiors and engines.


1) KEMAFORCE: Degreaser (cold) based on natural de-scaling solvents and cleans engines, mechanical parts and gears of boats from the dirt of oils, greases, waxes and tar. Dilutable with water. Biodegradability over 90% Available in: Tan10 / 25 kg.

2) KTL 921: Safety degreasing detergent for the maintenance of electrical systems. Highly dielectric ready for use. Available in: 5/10 lt.

3) KTL 944: Water-repellent lubricant-antioxidant for electrical equipment and delicate mechanisms exposed to moisture ready for use. Available in: 5/10 lt.

4) AKC 99: Buffered and phosphated acid detergent for degreasing, removing rust and scales from ferrous surfaces of boats. Prevents further rust formation. The surface treated after rinsing is paintable. Available in: Tan. 5 / 10 kg.

5) AKC 77: Buffered acid detergent and inhibited descaling agent to remove rust, scales, lime etc. Compatible with iron, aluminum, metals in general, plastic and painted surfaces. Useful for cleaning dirt generated by oxides on fixtures and aluminum parts. Available in: 5/10 kg cans.

6) AKC 44: Buffered acid detergent and inhibited descaling agent to remove rust, scales, lime, etc. Blend specially designed for the cleaning of saline encrustations (dog’s teeth) from boats. Available in: 5/10 kg cans.


SENT: Two-component descaling detergent, for bilges and heavy soil on boats. Leaves the surfaces shiny, without glazing and does not affect surfaces in stainless steel, iron, fiberglass, rubber, glass, cement and epoxy resins. Biodegradability over 90%.  Available in: 10/25 kg tanks.


1) ECOL INOX: Polishing cleaner for stainless steel. Protects and gives shine to surfaces: Available in: Fl.1000 ml carton 12 pcs – Canisters 5/10 Kg.

2) REPIKEMA: For cleaning and protecting glass, chrome parts, glazed surfaces, furniture, etc., it contains protective and non-stick silicones. Ready to use. Available in: 750ml cardboard bottles 12 pcs – 5 / 10kg cans.

3) SANEX: Neutral scented detergent specific for general cleaning, sanitizes and deodorizes while cleaning. Also suitable for wood. Without rinsing. Available in: 1000 bottles of cardboard 12 pcs – Canisters 5 / 10kg.

4) RIMUOVE MA 2 TAMPONE: Detersolvent based on solvents and surfactants soluble in water, not dangerous for man and the environment, for the removal and cleaning of felt-tip pens, biro from delicate and painted surfaces, from plastic and polycarbonate surfaces . Practical pack with buffer included ready to use. Available in: Stick 90 ml carton 12 pcs.


BOAT CLEANER: Degreasing dissolving detergent, for boats, indicated in the removal of vegetable or mineral fats. biodegradability over 90%. Available in 5/10 Kg containers